Does your dog need more exercise?  Are you too busy?  Too tired?  Is it too hot or too cold outside?  Are there just not enough hours in the day?  Well then ….. sit back, relax, and let Born 2 Wag lend you & your furry friend(s) a helping paw. So whether your dog just needs a little HUMAN TOUCH, wants to go on an E STREET SHUFFLE, needs a LONG WALK HOME, was BORN TO RUN, or feels like DANCING IN THE DARK, we will make sure that he/she gets all of the attention & exercise necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


The HUMAN TOUCH:  15 Minutes = $12.50 (perfect for the pup that needs a little fresh air, play time, potty break and a little TLC)

The E STREET SHUFFLE:  30 Minutes = $20.00 (nice walk around the local streets/neighborhood/park)

The LONG WALK HOME:  45 Minutes = $30.00 (for the more active dog that needs to burn off some energy)

The BORN TO RUN:  60 Minutes = $40.00 (for the dog that is, well, Born to Run)

The DANCING IN THE DARK:  20 Minutes = $20.00 (the after hours late night walk)

paw print  Buy 10 Walks – Get 1 FREE    paw print  Buy 25 Walks – Get 3 FREE       Gift Certificate Available


ALL walks include potty break with clean up, lots of TLC, playtime, water/food refill, brushing/treats/medication (upon owners approval).


    We are Licensed, Fully Insured & Bonded and Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR.    

The Pack 5