Lending Dogs a Helping Paw, with Tips / Tricks / Alerts / Advice / Information & Education. Because …… WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN!

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Welcome to Born 2 Wag

Welcome to Born 2 Wag, the 4 Legged Land of Hope & Dreams!!!

Lending dogs a helping paw; Dog Walking & Training in Brielle, Manasquan, Wall, Point Pleasant, Bay Head, Sea Girt, Spring Lake and other Monmouth & Ocean county communities;
Also offering assistance in locating missing dogs throughout New Jersey, reuniting found dogs, fostering dogs, adopting and rescuing.
Barking more soon!
Live Life Like Your Dog

Live Life Like Your Dog … One Moment At A Time

Live Life Like Your Dog

Pets teach us how to really stop and enjoy life. It’s easier to do when they’re around, of course … anyone lucky enough to have witnessed a dog happy-sigh into a snuggle position or watched an enthusiastic game of tug-of-war between two pups knows what I’m talking about. It’s why we say we should all live life like your dog.

There’s a sense of appreciation our pets show for the little moments in life. Arriving home from work, for example, is always a happier experience when it means being excitedly greeted by our best furry friends.

You can read more about how to live life like your dog here: http://iheartdogs.com/this-video-will-remind-you-to-live-life-like-your-dog-one-moment-at-a-time/