Adopt Jubilee: Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter

Jubilee  Jubilee got her name because of the happy, bubbly personality that she had when she first arrived but lately, it seems that Jubilee isn’t so jubilant anymore. She’s been waiting for 7 long months now for someone to notice her and we are starting to notice that she is losing a little bit of that sparkle in her eye and a little bit of spring in her step. When Jubilee goes out for a walk with one of her many friends, she’s still a joyous and happy girl, but she seems to be giving up on getting noticed, and we sure don’t want her to lose hope. Please read about Jubilee below and then come in and meet our sweet little lady in person. You’ll love her!

Jubilee is about 4 years old and she came to us when her owner claimed to have found her and two other dogs as strays, but we later found out that they were their own dogs. Jubilee was quite neglected and disheveled when she came in so it’s a good thing that she’s here with us and getting the good care that she needs. Now she’s all spiffy, well fed, cared for, and couldn’t be happier. Jubilee just loves people and is very outgoing and friendly. She is energetic and eager to check out new things but she’s very well behaved. She sits instantly when asked and takes treats very gently. She loves to romp and roam in our exercise yard and will run and play, but makes sure to come back every so often to check in with you and get some attention. She’s a real people-person and just loves making new friends. Jubilee got along fine with her canine companions and seems to like other dogs. She would be a bright ray of sunshine added to any loving family. File#24405 2/16/15